EFC Education Consultancy provides training and consultancy services for the needs of public institutions, private sector, non-governmental organizations and individuals.

The most important factor that we consider when delivering the service is that the needs of each institution are different from each other. The trainings given in the general texts do not always reach efficient results. Firstly, the problems of the sector in which the institution operates should be determined, then the specific needs and deficiencies of the institution should be determined.

As EFC Education, we are different, we work with companies in different sectors to focus on the customer-specific; service, content and strategy. This gives us the opportunity to treat each customer as if it were our only customer and to produce the solution that it specifically needs. In this way, our customers can achieve the desired result in a short time with the right planning.

EFC Training Consultancy; has previously worked in the training of institutions such as İş Bank, Yapı Kredi, Turkcell, Vodafone, Vatan Bilgisayar, General Directorate of Highways, EPDK and has specialized academicians and trainers who have expertise in the sector with great experience in the sector.

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